Literatur verwalten mit F1000Workspace


[Autor/Feedback: Helmut Dollfuß]

What is F1000Workspace?

F1000Workspace is a reference manager that offers scientists a comprehensive suite of services to write and collaborate on papers, annotate and share references and articles, as well as easily discover and save relevant new articles.

Watch the ‘F1000Workspace Explainer Video’ to learn more

Key Benefits:

  • Instantly save references from the web

Save articles in one click with our browser extension

  • Discover articles relevant to your work

Article suggestions are selected by our intelligent algorithm based on your saved references

  • Manage your research

Access your references from any computer or mobile device

  • Collaborate with colleagues and co-authors

Work with co-authors in a secure environment – with real-time collaboration available in our Google Docs app

  • Cite better and write faster

Our plugin for Word and Google Docs helps you cite as you write

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you tell me more about the F1000Workspace Word plugin?
The F1000Workspace Word plugin significantly enhances productivity by linking any paper you are writing to your F1000Workspace projects, reference and notes… read more

Can you tell me more about the F100Workspace Google Docs add-on?
With the F1000 Google Docs add-on you can easily cite any references saved in F1000Workspace, get smart citation suggestions, and search for articles without leaving your document… read more

How can the F1000 browser extension help me?
The F1000Workspace browser extension is a powerful add-on that allows you to save articles quickly and easily as you browse… read more

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