[E-JOURNALS]: Neue Zeitschrift „Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development“


[Autor/Feedback an:  Helmut Dollfuß]

Als Abonnent der Zeitschrift „Journal of Clinical Pharmacology“ steht der
MedUni Wien nun auch der Zugriff auf das 2012 neu gegründete e-Journal
Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development“ zur Verfügung.

=> Link zur Zeitschrift: „Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development„.

About the journal:
Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development is an international, peer-reviewed, online publication focused on publishing high-quality clinical pharmacology studies in drug development which are primarily (but not exclusively) performed in early development phases in healthy subjects.

Acceptance of a manuscript in Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development will be determined by scientific rigor and technical soundness rather than perceived importance of the presented results. Thus, negative study results are explicitly not an obstacle for positive acceptance decisions.

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