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Top Journals / Impact Factor

The Journal Impact Factor (JIF) of a scientific journal is retrievable via the platform Journal Citation Reports ( – journals can be searched by keywords or category. JCR is accessible within the MedUni Vienna network or via Remote Access.

According to the “Habilitationsrichtlinien” defined by MedUni Vienna (, the first 20% of journals in a specific JCR category are classed as Top Journals. Journals positioned between 20% and 60% are classed as Standard Journals.

Example: the category “Dermatology” contains 70 journals. In the Impact Factor ranking, the journal “American Journal of Clinical Dermatology” is positioned at number seven. The first 20% of this category correspond to positions 1-14, therefore, this journal is classed as a Top Journal.


Birgit Heller, MA

Magª. Caroline Reitbrecht